Raising Awareness for COA Week 2023

COA Week is here to champion every person and organisation helping people affected by a parent’s drinking. Here are a few events happening this year…

NSPCC supporting COA Week

Last year the NSPCC’s Childline service delivered 633 counselling sessions with children and young people concerned about their parent’s alcohol and drug use. That’s the equivalent of two a day….

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COA week in Korea

In Korea, about one million children live with the addicted parents. Children Of Addiction Awareness Week (COA Week) is an international solidarity campaign to promote social efforts and to publicize…

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Lunchtime Lives with Geraldine James

#LunchtimeLives with Geraldine James, 12pm Friday 18th Feb In this series of #LunchtimeLives, we meet with people who have changed the lives of children of alcohol-dependent parents through their own…

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Make a donation

COA Week and Nacoa UK is proudly funded by the voluntary donations of people who really care. We couldn’t be here without the help of so many wonderful supporters. We…

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COA Week India 2023

Once again, Children of Alcoholics, India will be hosting an array of activities for #COAWeek2022. Dr Virupaksha Devaramane is a passionate advocate for children affected by their parent’s drinking in…

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Raising voices in Ireland

Alcohol Action Ireland which is the national independent advocate for reducing alcohol harm, has a specific initiative, Silent Voices, which aims to raise awareness of issues arising for children who…

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The first ever COA Week Finland

In 2022, Finland joins the international network of organisations supporting COA Week through the Bensow Foundation. In Finland misuse of alcohol and drugs is a huge public welfare problem. Every…

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Bee Sober – Plans for COA Week 2022

Bee Sober is a non-profit Community Interest Company working with individuals and organisations to transform their mindset around alcohol and remove the stigma associated with sobriety. Bee Sober was founded…

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