‘The 1 in 5’ documentary

‘The 1 in 5’ documentary is an exciting new film developed by John Taylor, Nacoa supporter and Family and Friends Lead at the Drug and Alcohol Wellbeing Service

This powerful documentary shines a light on the experiences of the 1 in 5 children affected by parental alcohol problems and the lack of available support. 

John is organising an online event ‘How do we break the silence for children of alcoholics’ for COA Week on 13th February, 6-7pm. 

The talk will explore traits of children who grew up with a parent who drinks too much and showcase the new documentary. 

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Alcohol Stole My Mum

John is passionate about helping others affected by addiction. The 1 in 5 documentary follows John’s bestselling book ‘Alcohol Stole My Mum‘ published in 2022.

“As that little boy, I tried my hardest to get my mum sober but never could. So I soon learnt to hate myself.”

In the book, John tells how his love for his mother turned to hate. He blamed himself for the domestic violence he witnessed between his parents. 

John’s trauma continued to affect him into adulthood, and, like his Mum, he too began relying on alcohol to cope. Thankfully, John found recovery in 2003, keen to break the cycle of addiction for his children. 

Through writing, John has sought to expose the harm, trauma and abuse he suffered as that little boy and explore how it has made him the man he is today.

Read more about the book and John’s motivation for writing it: