Dreaming of Eden – Clothing line raising funds for COAs.

For COA Week 2020, Nacoa volunteer Ceri Walker is launching her children’s clothes range ‘Dreaming of Eden’ to help raise funds for the Nacoa helpline.

Ceri writes:

I started to design clothing in aid of Nacoa with messages to hopefully inspire both coa’s and anyone needing a bit of support.

My first design ‘Go your own way’ was designed as a shout out to everyone doing their own thing in life and following their dreams no matter what others are doing, and also all the children and adults who have had a chaotic start in life due to a parents drinking. I want them to know that they can live the life they dream with the right support, which is available from Nacoa.

I designed the ‘I Don’t need you to understand’ T-shirts after meeting Calum Best during Coa week last year. He spoke out so admirably, and when we talked about any negative feedback on sharing our stories I explained that I felt those that don’t understand don’t matter as they aren’t our audience, but the ones that need to hear it will feel less alone, and that’s what important. So for anyone who feels happy with who they are, inspiring others and living their best life-keep going, you never know who’s listening! 

Please be kind to yourself, you are loved and wonderful just the way you are. Accepting myself as I am, and the bits of me shaped by my childhood has really helped me, and that’s thanks to Nacoa!

Find Dreaming of Eden clothes on Etsy by clicking here.

This charity reads bedtime stories to children of alcoholics

Ceri Walker was the child of an alcoholic. Her clothing company Dreaming of Eden has launched a range to support the charity which helped her. ❤️Dreaming of Eden kids and adults clothing:https://www.instagram.com/Dreamingofedengifts/?fbclid=IwAR1IG4lLYPM7xRCxRD2Ryyjzz_oWTcaBzeqxu-yWsNeZB0bRSZoKo8HbliAThe National Association for Children of Alcoholics:Nacoa

Posted by Witness BTN on Friday, 18 January 2019