COA week in Korea

In Korea, about one million children live with the addicted parents. Children Of Addiction Awareness Week (COA Week) is an international solidarity campaign to promote social efforts and to publicize the wounds and hardships of children of Addiction.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues for a long time, children of addiction will be experiencing greater difficulties. In 2021, groups interested in children of addiction gathered and started the coaweek in Korea. ‘2023 Children of Addiction Awareness week – 넌 혼자가 아냐 (U R Not Alone)’ is go on in Korea.

1. Take a picture with the slogan ‘넌 혼자가 아냐 – U R not alone’ with a support message.

  You can see the pictures at instagram #coaweekinkorea

2. Video support message for Children of Addiction.

  You also can see at instagram #coaweekinkorea

3. Special lecture video to understand and help children of Addiction

   youtube channel : 카프평화방송

Lecture 1 : U R not alone (2/13)

 Introduction of COA week

 The actual situation of COA in Korea

 Future Suggestions

Lecture 2 : You did not cause it (2/15)

 How Addiction Affects Children’s Minds

 How to take care of yourself

 Suggestions for our society to take care of COA

Lecture 3 : we’ll be on your side (2/17)

 Recovery program to help COA

 Introduction and suggestion of necessary social resources

4. A review of fairy tales by recovering mothers and video messages

   youtube channel : 카프평화방송